Choosing the perfect puzzles for your DIY escape room can be hard.

Free Printable

When creating your DIY escape room, you need to have a clear idea of what you want the players to accomplish. It’s best to use a variety of clue types that accommodate different learning styles. Choose clues that incorporate math, literature, pop culture, science, and other themes. Creating a free printable diy escape room is not as difficult as it may seem. There are many resources to help you. For instance, Pinterest is a great place to find ideas for riddles. You can also find a lot of free printable mazes and puzzles online.

You may also want to consider adding sound-based puzzles to your game. These puzzles can add to the experience and help players to solve the puzzles quicker. When creating an escape room, you should consider the time limit. You should not want players to spend too much time on a puzzle they don’t see. It’s also best to use non-linear games. This will help encourage repeat business.

creative tools

You can also make use of creative tools like a blacklight and red dot stickers to give your room a realistic feel. You can even use hollowed out books to hide clues.

One of the most common DIY free escape room puzzle ideas is to padlock scissors. Players must use them as part of a future clue. To do this, they must cut a string before they can unlock the scissors.

consider props

You will also want to consider props. These add immersion to the experience. Be sure to use props that fit with the theme of your escape room. You may also want to hide messages in various ways. You can do this by placing clue cards around the room.

You can also use electronics to create puzzles. These puzzles are the bread and butter of Escape Rooms. You can create a puzzle with liquids, which can be tricky. Or you can create hard math problems. These challenges provide clues to help you win the game.


When creating an escape room, you need to think of the storyline, the rules, and the objectives of the game. You should also draw inspiration from movies, books, and TV shows.

DIY free

Another fun DIY free escape room puzzle idea is to create an obstacle course. You can make this like the laser detection systems in movies.

Basic Elements

Locks are the most basic elements in an escape room, but they are also symbolic. You can choose to buy locks for less than going to a real room, and you can customize them with your own ideas.

household items

You can also make use of your own household items for clues. If you want to make the puzzle more challenging, you can color the popsicle sticks different colors. You can also use post-it notes as puzzles. You can write messages on the back of a jigsaw puzzle, on a piece of paper, or even on the back of a candle.

Whether you are looking for a good alternative to escape rooms or just a fun way to spend a weekend with your loved one, puzzle races are a great option. You will be tested and challenged as you attempt to solve a jigsaw puzzle, and the results will prove the ability of your team to work together.



Originally planned for 2020, the World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship was cancelled because of the global pandemic of COVID-19. In 2021, the competition was rescheduled for Spain. But because of COVID-19, the competition was cancelled again in 2021.