Choosing the perfect puzzles for your DIY escape room can be hard.


There are two common types of locks: word locks and numerical locks. The former require a combination of a word or number to unlock, while the latter can be unlocked with a code.Word locks can be purchased in a variety of styles. The most common type is the padlock with keys. These locks are cheap and durable.

For younger children, you may want to focus on a simple puzzle. This can be a fun way to boost confidence and encourage collaborative learning. The best escape rooms are those that incorporate a well-planned storyline and an array of puzzles. Using the right tools will help you create a realistic and fun environment for your guests.

extra element

Creating your own can save money and add an extra element of fun to your event. Clues are also a fun way to make the puzzles more challenging. You can even laminate them for extra wow factor. You can also use a flowchart to represent events in parallel. You can also make use of post-it notes to represent events in a similar way.


These puzzles may not require locks. Some can be decoded using the weight of the puzzle piece, or a combination of items. They can also be encoded using a dice puzzle. A dice puzzle can encode a 4-5 digit letter combination, a Cipher Keyword, or a simple recipe.

Creating your own diy escape room requires a few locks. They can be purchased for less than a trip to a real escape room. You will need at least 5-10 locks to make a good room. Other types of locks include diversion locks, which are disguised lockboxes. These locks often have objects to help players solve the room.


Logic-based challenges are common in puzzle games. These challenges can be difficult to execute, as they require mental leaps. They come in varying levels of difficulty.

DIY escape

These are some of the most common DIY escape room puzzles. They require teamwork, and players will need to find the right combination to open the padlock.


You will also need a variety of objects to use in the puzzle. Some of these can be as simple as a string, a key, a note, or even a rainbow color.

Escape room

Creating an escape room can be a fun experience. You will find that there are a variety of themes you can choose from. They range from adventurous to light-hearted. Some popular themes include prison breaks, zombies and bank heists.

When you’re deciding on the theme for your escape room, you should think about the target demographics for your game. You may want to use clues that are common knowledge. These clues may include geography, deadly sins or dates of holidays. You can also create word games that provide clues.


Purchase Appliances

When creating an escape room, you may need to purchase appliances, furniture and audio systems. You also need to have the right staff members who can be depended on. They must be outgoing, knowledgeable and have the ability to work with strangers.