Choosing the perfect puzzles for your DIY escape room can be hard.

Puzzle Championship

The organization has a membership of more than 50 countries. They work to promote innovations in jigsaw puzzles and encourage friendship among puzzle lovers. They host an international competition every year in Spain. In addition, the federation works with member country associations to organize jigsaw puzzle competitions. They also use unpublished puzzles in their competitions.


In addition, the organization aims to develop a standard for jigsaw puzzle competitions. It works with its member countries to establish a common standard. The World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship is an annual event that is organized by the World Jigsaw Puzzle Federation. This group brings together puzzle enthusiasts from all over the world. It also helps promote friendship between jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts from different countries.

World Jigsaw

The World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship is a skill competition that brings together puzzle lovers from around the world. It is a three-event competition: a team event, a pairs event, and an individual event. It is also the first time a world ranking has been established for jigsaw puzzle competitors.MThe World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship is sponsored by the World Jigsaw Puzzle Federation.


It does this by standardizing the rules, regulations and methods used in its competitions. Moreover, it provides a platform for other puzzle groups to share information and work together.

The event is organized by the federation and includes live commented TV broadcasts and live commentators. The competition is open to the public. Thousands of puzzle lovers from around the world are expected to attend the event.


The competition will run from Friday to Sunday. The winner is the person who correctly places the most pieces on the puzzle. The winner will receive an Official WJPC Trophy.


The individual competition requires each participant to complete a 500-piece puzzle in two hours. The first three in each category receive 4,000 euros in prizes.

pair classified

The second pair classified is awarded EUR 400, and the third pair is awarded EUR 300.

You can use bells and other items to make the course.

The game itself isn’t that difficult to perform, but the results aren’t always as simple as they seem. It’s usually a good idea to make sure the puzzles you are solving aren’t the type that require a lot of math to solve. For instance, if you’re solving a puzzle that involves a series of combination lock numbers, the correct sequence of steps is important.

Depending on the type of room you’re playing, you can expect to spend anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes. Generally, the goal of the escape room is to solve a series of puzzles and escape the room within a specified time frame.



Using a blacklight is a great way to find hidden puzzles. You can also find clues in plain sight. For instance, you can search for wall art that contains combinations lock numbers. These can then be used as story clues.